CCTV & Monitoring

Soteria Security offer the full range of high quality CCTV systems from observation to analogue, digital IP and wireless systems.


Installed to the very highest standards through our installers Nacoss Gold certification, all systems conform to the NCP104 Code of Practice for the Installation and Maintenance of CCTV Systems. Using manufacturers such as Dedicated micros, Samsung, Sanyo and concept pro, we also design, install and maintain too many facets of both the commercial, industrial, retail and residential markets.

data protection

Soteria Security partners can also advise on your data protection needs so that your system fully confirms to the Information Commissioners latest guidance on CCTV images storage and control we also install high specification public address systems either coupled with your CCTV system or independent for public and commercial areas

As demanded by BS5979, this is a secure, bunker-like environment, with no windows, steel doors and a replicated, redundant power, communications and IT infrastructure. Servers continually poll the equipment at our clients’ facilities, and any malfunctions are reported for remedy by the appropriate maintenance team.

remote video services

Fully monitored and maintained remote video services are available through our partner monitoring stations, to offer that security and peace of mind without the immediate need for manned guarding services. Instantly view your business or home from anywhere in the world, via computer or even your mobile phone. The options and flexibility are near limitless in what can be achieved.

The national control room is staffed 24/7/365 by experienced and accredited personnel able to view and challenge intruders before damage or theft occur. If necessary, they have direct links to local Police response teams.