door supervisors

Soteria Security offer professional SIA approved Door Supervisors who are well-known for their positive and professional attitude, high standard of presentation, excellent communication skills, and a high level of experience in many of the skills required including search techniques, drug detection and customer service.

The services we provide include:

  • Ensure that the running of the venue is smooth and without issue
  • Control customers entering and exiting the venue ensuring at all times they stay safe and clear of harm. Whilst also monitoring the flow of people coming in and out to ensure the venue doesn’t exceed its legal capacity
  • Enforce a random search policy, professionally and politely to ensure the venue and its customers are safe
  • A high level of customer service ensuring that our staff have a good knowledge of the local area with regards to shops, hospitals, police station, taxis and public transport links
  • Ensure that customers enjoy their night in a safe environment and effectively manage disruption and conflict
  • Ensure at all times licensing laws are observed and enforced
  • Work closely with the local police with regards to individuals which may be banned from entering the premises